Volunteer Groups Activities

Volunteer Groups Activities

We have programs that accommodate team volunteers. A group may be as large as 5-40 people. Your group can join our kitchen staff to prepare meals, create hope, sandwich and snack bag packages, or participate in our events to provide items our residents need while raising awareness in fun-filled, inspiring ways.

Team volunteering can be done in a half-day or full-day schedule.

We Need Your Help – Donate Now.

Your support goes a long way.

There is nothing too small to contribute to this great cause.

Because of your help, we are able to serve more than 1300 meals daily, to people who would otherwise go hungry. Each plate costs $3.47, and we appreciate all donations.

Your donation pays for the practical costs we must have to ensure that we operate well. This includes buying equipment for the kitchen, adding upgrades to our residential area, and many services.

We offer our services for 24 hours, 365 days a year. Our doors are never closed. Your donations support our services and programs which are absolutely vital for all who come to us for help – including educational training, treatments, job training and so on.

Donations can be made via phone, mail, or online. Be ensured that your money is used wisely and you are helping to change people’s lives.

To donate, click here.