Resources We Offer

Resources We Offer

Food, Clothes, Shelter

We were able to provide over 1300 meals daily, 233 of our beds were occupied every night and we provided hundreds of clothes to all who came to us in 2017.

When we began in 1906, we made an organization where people who were in need of basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothes could come in and avail of these items freely. These necessities, as well as so much more, are still being provided through Market Mobile. We are thankful for your donations and support, and we depend on your charity to keep running and helping those in need.

We are staffed for 24 hours daily, for all the days of the year. We never close our doors to anyone in need of help.

Our staff receives training in emergency aid, security measures and training in non-violent intervention in crisis situations. They handle the book-in procedures of residents, hand out toiletries, and many other tasks.

We serve about 1982 residents every year. A resident stays for an average of 32 days. We serve an approximate of 477,420 food packages annually. Some of the food we offer is donated to other agencies. Every day, there is an increasing demand for food, and we have to buy it increasing amounts so that no one ever goes away hungry.

We have room for clothes. Our volunteers organize, package and distribute many donated clothes every month. It means a great deal to our residents to have clean, formal clothes for times when they go for interviews for a job. It adds confidence, dignity and increases their prospects of getting the job.

Please refer us to your family, friends and companies as a charity worth donating to. Your support keeps our work going.

At Market Mobile, our service begins with a plate of food, clean clothes and comfortable bedding – and it very often becomes an experience that brings hope and changes lives.

Jack’s Testimony Reflects Our Success:

Jack kept a job for years. Due to unfortunate events, he lost his job, ran out of money,  and became homeless. He came to us for help.

Through our services, 25 days later, Jack had achieved all his goals and had a new job and house.