Job Training

Job Training

There at Market Mobile, we connect our residents to services that provide job options, make resumes and teach them how to conduct themselves during job interviews.

It is not easy to get out of poverty,  but by providing jobs and support to our residents, they are given hope that their lives can get better.

We collaborate with organizations such as Ontario Works and St. Lawrence College. They offer programs in job training, especially for those who desire to serve food.

Cooking Programs

We have a program that teaches our residents – and the women who avail of our services – cooking skills for commercial kitchens. It lasts for 5 months.

During this training, they learn to be more confident and the new skill builds up their self-esteem too. These qualities are necessary for them to succeed. The courses include safety and health, how to handle knives, hazardous materials in the workplace, and first aid training. They learn to make different meals and during the last weeks, they intern at a potential workplace.

Cleaning Program

In collaboration with other organizations, Market Mobile offers training in the cleaning department.

It is an 8-week program that teaches custodial skills and offers training in the classroom and while residents do the job.

Ben’s Testimony is proof of our job training programs’ success:

Ben did not have a job when he came to us for help.

As he was eating in the shelter, he saw a poster for a program that teaches custodial skills.

Ben graduated from the program and with the help of our collaborations, he found a job immediately. Ben’s testimony is one of 15 graduates who also found jobs immediately.