Housing Support

Housing Support

One of the hardest challenges our residents face is finding housing that is safe and affordable after they leave the shelter.

We provided homes for 201 people in 2017. We were able to accomplish this because of your donations.

Although men are allowed to stay here indefinitely,  it is our primary desire to provide for the housing and enable them to live independently. We have managers that specialize in housing diversion; they help our residents find appropriate houses that they will be able to afford. Other staff work with residents to connect them to organizations that provide support for housing needs, including subsidizing the costs when needed.

When our residents have found a suitable house, we help them move in and give them basic necessities such as bedding, dishes and furniture.

We created an agency that provides non-profit houses. The primary goal is to provide safe and affordable houses for tenants. The agency purchased an apartment with 36 units to provide for subsidized housing for our residents.

Our programs have had amazing success stories.

Here is Peter’s Testimony:

Peter lost his connections with his family and friends. Soon, he found himself to be out of a job and home. He was homeless when he came to us for help.

During his stay, he availed of the medical care services and attending counseling sessions. Now he is furthering his education by taking secondary school courses through our education training services.

We found Peter a house he can afford, and it is located in a safe environment. Peter has lived there independently for more than a year now. His family is amazed at the change they see in Peter’s life, and now that they have reconnected, they are on much better terms.