Health Services

Health Services

Our dental clinic treated 617 patients and our medical clinic treated 6,438 patients in 2017.

Beyond food and a place to stay, the people that come to us have many other needs. We want to help as much as we can, so we included health care to the services we provide.

We provide a clinic for primary medical care. We have registered nurses and two doctors who provide their services.

Most of our residents do not have to assess dental care. Dr. Harle, our dentist, alongside an amazing team of volunteering dentists provide restorative, emergency and preventive care to all the residents who need it.

Medical and dental care enables our patients to be more comfortable and confident and a step closer to living more wholesome and healthy lives.

We provide 24/7 hospice care for those with terminal illnesses through our hospice services. Our collaboration with the city health ensures that we have medical professionals who provide emotional, spiritual and physical support through the illness. We care for our patients until the very end.

Our success is shown in the lives of our residents.

Here is Dennis’s testimony:

Dennis suffered from mental illness for a long time. Not long after he arrived here, the staff noticed his behavior. He got angry easily, and he could not get a good night’s sleep.

After a visit to the medical center, he was discovered to be diabetic. He was given insulin treatments and his diet was modified. He was taught how to recognize his symptoms and facts about his disease.

Now, Dennis is much happier. His behavior has improved, and he can manage his disease.