Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Founded Market Mobile?

It was founded in 1906 by Christians who desired to aid men in their community. They provided for their basic needs, free of charge. Today it has grown tremendously to having many services like centers for learning, programs for job training, medical and dental clinics and treatment programs for addiction.

Who Can Receive Help From Market Mobile?

It primarily helps men, however, women may avail of the food and other services available, after that, they are referred to shelters made primarily for women. Men who live in the shelter must be above 18.

Have People Ever Turned Away?

People are never turned away, even in times of overflow.

What Resources Does Market Mobile Need The Most?

The organization prepares more than 1000 meals daily. That’s the biggest need. Other resources it gives out are toiletries, underwear, clothes and shoes.

Why Are There Many Homeless People?

There are many factors that cause people to become homeless – addiction, mental health diseases, unemployment,  family crises and so on.

Who Funds Market Mobile?

It is funded by the government’s social services, companies and people that are part of the community. There are 85 employees that work full time, and opening hours are 24 hours, for 365 days.

Does Market Mobile Offer Programs For The Homeless?

Food, clothing, and shelter are offered to those in need.  There are programs such as Services for addiction, Services for Clients and Services for Healthcare.

What Number Of Workers Are Needed In Market Mobile?

We have about 250 volunteers weekly. Volunteers are needed to prepare the meals, organize the clothes that have been donated, visit the sick in Hospice, tutoring activities, a4nd for organizing activities for special nights. Volunteers must send in their applications and sign agreements of confidentiality.

Are There Ways The Community Can Help?

The community can learn more about homelessness, donate money or time to agencies like us. These resources go a long way.