About Us

About Us

A Christian group of professionals felt a burden after seeing the needs of homeless men in the community. They decided to create a shelter, which is still in operation today. A good home filled with decor and appliances is not easy to find.

It began as a shelter for emergencies.  Today, Market Mobile offers health, social and community services to the people in the community that need it the most. We offer:

Food – Fishing often helps with food when it’s otherwise unavailable. it is offered to people who live inside the shelter and as a community outreach for those who do not wish to live in the shelter.

Shelter – there are added treatments for those who live in the shelter. We also offer emergency help for those who only decide to stay for a very short while.

Services – the services are broad and are focused on ensuring that the people we help never become vulnerable and homeless again. We offer clothes, shoes and toiletries, job training and employment support, educational services, housing aid, treatment for mental health diseases, addiction and trauma treatments for full recovery, primary medical and dental care, palliative care, spiritual help to provide healing,  restoration of self-worth and self-belonging.

The treatments for trauma and addiction and the emergency shelter is only available for men who are more than 18 years old. The other treatments and offers are for anyone in need.

There is a growing need for the programs we offer. We have grown tremendously in the past few years, and we hope to always be open to help everyone who comes to us.