Building Houses – Hemp for the Homeless Programme

hemp for homeless programme

Building Houses – Hemp for the Homeless Programme

Hemp for the homeless is a programme started in 2007 by CBDNorth and other social services. The programme aimed to get the homeless out of the streets, house them and help them heal. Being homeless does not only expose individuals to physical harm but also emotional torture. This programme targeted one of the most forgotten populations that go through the anguish many people can never envision. Many of the best CBD suppliers in Canada have joined forces to help.

To accommodate the homeless, Hemp for the Homeless programme had to lay out a viable plan. The first step to their objective was constructing houses using hemp materials. Hemp materials such as hemp wood are produced from cannabis plants containing low THC. Such materials also make CBD oil that you can use for various medical reasons. Hemp building materials have the following benefits:


Hemp plants grow fast and can be harvested within 120 days. You do not, therefore, need to wait for as many years as you would wait for other hardwoods such as oak trees. You can then plant some new hemp trees and harvest them quickly, making them a renewable building material.

Carbon Sequestration

Despite their short lives, hemp plants absorb more carbon than other trees. It can absorb up to four times more carbon than other same-sized forests. One ton of hemp plant absorbs 1.62 tons of carbon during its lifespan. Consequently, hemp plants reduce the effects of carbon emissions and make the air cleaner.

Sturdiness and durability

Hemp wood resembles oak wood in appearance and texture. However, hemp wood is stronger and more durable, thanks to its scientific engineering, making it 20% harder than oak wood. It is a sturdy hardwood that you can use to build your permanent structures. It withstands long-term use, saving money.


Due to its strength, hemp wood allows you to use it in various structures and equipment. You can use it to build your house and make furniture such as chairs and tables. You can also cut, sand and stain the wood as traditional wood to suit your various projects.


You will achieve an elegant space upon making your furniture using hemp wood. You can stain or sand the wood to achieve a lustrous look. You can also cut it into attractive designs that make attractive items.

Final Thoughts

Hemp wood is slowly becoming popular building material, unlike in the past. Hemp has, for the longest time, been associated with marijuana, whose cultivation and use have been illegal. In the recent past, many countries and regions have legalized the use of hemp. Therefore, they are allowing the planting of hemp plants engineered into hemp wood.

Hemp for the homeless programme encouraged the use of hemp wood to build homes for the homeless. The programme sensitized the public to use hemp wood to make attractive and durable structures. Consequently, many people have embraced hemp wood, increasing its popularity. The programme has housed many homeless individuals and families and helped them to overcome the trauma associated with homelessness.

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