Hemp Wood: Sustainable Homes for the Homeless

Hemp Wood

Hemp Wood: Sustainable Homes for the Homeless

Cannabis sativa is a plant indigenous to Eastern Asia (Source article) . Commonly known as marijuana or hemp, the plant was associated only with its illegal trades and is outlawed in many countries worldwide.

Due to recent discoveries of the plant’s purpose, its cultivation has become more widespread, especially cultivating plants with high CBD levels.

Nowadays, CBD oil is known to be non-intoxicating and contains pain-killing properties that can aid medical practice. Thus, the use of this plant is no longer prohibited but rather regulated in certain countries.

Today, not only is cannabis or hemp used for its medicinal properties, but it is now an option for sustainability in terms of building shelters for the homeless.

What Is Hemp for the Homeless?

“Hemp for the Homeless” is a program built-in 2007. It aims to construct homes for the homeless through hemp wood and hemp materials containing legal and low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD oil levels.

This is because these natural chemicals are safe and can be used as a viable alternative for wood in building houses.

What Is Hemp Wood?

Hemp wood is a type of hardwood in which the pulp fibers are compressed and further reinforced using soy-based glue.
As a result, this gives the wood its density and stability, making it a durable construction material.

Why Choose Hemp Wood As a Construction Material?


Hemp is a quick yet sustainable resource because it can grow fast and be harvested within 120 days. In contrast, regular trees can take years and even decades to grow for harvesting.
As a result, hemp wood is a great alternative to hasten the construction of shelters, especially for the homeless exposed to many environmental hazards.

Carbon Sequestration

A plot of hemp absorbs four times more carbon through its short lifespan than a forest of the same size.
By the time it is harvested, it had already absorbed about 1.62 tons of carbon emissions. Therefore, hemp wood helps the environment become cleaner and less polluted.


Hemp wood is scientifically engineered to be 20% harder than oak wood. Moreover, its stability is comparable to a Brazilian Cherry Tree.
This gives it the ability to withstand long-term use with minimal repairs. As a result, it can help homeowners save more money in its maintenance.


Owing to its durability and natural chemicals such as CBD oil and THC, hemp wood can be sanded, cut, and painted like other traditional hardwoods.
It can also be used as a durable construction material and hardwood floorings. It can also be used to make furniture that suits various designs for shelters.


Hemp wood can also be made elegant by staining or sanding. This gives the wood a glossy finish, creating attractive designs that indicate elegance and class.


Hemp for the Homeless program encourages the use of hemp wood for shelters. In the future, it is hoped that hemp wood may compete with regular wood grown from trees.
With these hemp wood shelters, the homeless can be empowered to live and feel safe in a place that they may someday call home.

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