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A Christian group of professionals felt a burden after seeing the needs of homeless men in the community. They decided to create a shelter, which is still in operation today. A good home filled with decor and appliances is not easy to find.
It began as a shelter for emergencies.  Today, Market Mobile offers health, social and community services to the people in the community that need it the most. We offer:
Food – Fishing often helps with food when it’s otherwise unavailable. it is offered to people who live inside the shelter and as a community outreach for those who do not wish to live in the …

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Resources We Offer

Food, Clothes, Shelter We were able to provide over 1300 meals daily,...

Job Training

There at Market Mobile, we connect our residents to services that provide job options, make resumes and teach them how to conduct themselves during job interviews.
It is not easy to get out of poverty,  but by providing jobs and support to our residents, they are given hope that their lives can get better.
We collaborate with organizations such as Ontario Works and St. Lawrence College. They offer programs in job training, especially for those who desire to serve food.
Cooking Programs
We have a program that teaches our residents – and the women who avail of our services – cooking skills for commercial …

Health Services

Our dental clinic treated 617 patients and our medical clinic treated 6,438 patients in 2017.
Beyond food and a place to stay, the people that come to us have many other needs. We want to help as much as we can, so we included health care to the services we provide.
We provide a clinic for primary medical care. We have registered nurses and two doctors who provide their services.
Most of our residents do not have to assess dental care. Dr. Harle, our dentist, alongside an amazing team of volunteering dentists provide restorative, emergency and preventive care to all the residents who need it.
Medical and dental …

Housing Support

One of the hardest challenges our residents face is finding housing that is safe and affordable after they leave the shelter.
We provided homes for 201 people in 2017. We were able to accomplish this because of your donations.
Although men are allowed to stay here indefinitely,  it is our primary desire to provide for the housing and enable them to live independently. We have managers that specialize in housing diversion; they help our residents find appropriate houses that they will be able to afford. Other staff work with residents to connect them to organizations that provide support for housing needs, including …

Volunteer Groups Activities

We have programs that accommodate team volunteers. A group may be as large as 5-40 people. Your group can join our kitchen staff to prepare meals, create hope, sandwich and snack bag packages, or participate in our events to provide items our residents need while raising awareness in fun-filled, inspiring ways.
Team volunteering can be done in a half-day or full-day schedule.
We Need Your Help – Donate Now.
Your support goes a long way.
There is nothing too small to contribute to this great cause.
Because of your help, we are able to serve more than 1300 meals daily, to people who would otherwise go …

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Hemp Wood: Sustainable Homes for the Homeless

Cannabis sativa is a plant indigenous to Eastern Asia (Source article) . Commonly known as marijuana or hemp, the plant was associated only with its illegal trades and is outlawed in many countries worldwide.
Due to recent discoveries of the plant’s purpose, its cultivation has become more widespread, especially cultivating plants with high CBD levels.
Nowadays, CBD oil is known to be non-intoxicating and contains pain-killing properties that can aid medical practice. Thus, the use of this plant is no longer prohibited but rather regulated in …

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Hemp for the Homeless

Hemp for the homeless is a programme started in 2007 by CBDNorth and other social services. The programme aimed to get the homeless out of the streets, house them and help them heal. Being homeless does not only expose individuals to physical harm but also emotional torture. This programme targeted one of the most forgotten population that goes through the anguish that many people can never envision.
To accommodate the homeless, Hemp for the Homeless programme had to lay out a viable plan. The first step to achieving their objective was to construct houses using hemp materials. Hemp materials …

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Know More About This New T-Shirt Company Which is Operated by the Homeless and LGBTQ Youth

There is a new fashion brand in the market called Dfrntpigeon which is based in Portland, Oregon.  The name Dfrntpigeon (different pigeon) came about when one of the beneficiaries of the program described themselves to be different pigeons. The company stands out because it makes unique t shirt printing attires with a purpose by helping the youth face challenges and stigma to rise and take charge of their lives.
Dfrntpigeon prides itself on giving an opportunity to the marginalized youth to design custom t-shirts which serve as a reflection of both their experiences and their day-to-day lives. …

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