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Hemp Wood

Hemp Wood: Sustainable Homes for the Homeless

Cannabis sativa is a plant indigenous to Eastern Asia (Source article) . Commonly known as marijuana or hemp, the plant was associated only with its illegal trades and is outlawed in many countries worldwide.
Due to recent discoveries of the plant’s purpose, its cultivation has become more widespread, especially cultivating plants with high CBD levels.
Nowadays, CBD oil is known to be non-intoxicating and contains pain-killing properties that can aid medical practice. Thus, the use of this plant is no longer prohibited but rather regulated in …

Hemp for the Homeless

Hemp for the Homeless

Hemp for the homeless is a programme started in 2007 by CBDNorth and other social services. The programme aimed to get the homeless out of the streets, house them and help them heal. Being homeless does not only expose individuals to physical harm but also emotional torture. This programme targeted one of the most forgotten population that goes through the anguish that many people can never envision.
To accommodate the homeless, Hemp for the Homeless programme had to lay out a viable plan. The first step to achieving their objective was to construct houses using hemp materials. Hemp materials …



Around 80% of the homeless American population are vape products enthusiasts like e-liquids according to the data of the National Coalition for the Homeless.
Reasons Why the Homeless Smoke
Most people reported smoking tobacco and vaping before they lost their homes. Undeniably, persons with tobacco dependency will continue their harmful oral habit of smoking. There are several reasons why homeless people smoke. The following reasons are stress, emotional or psychological issues caused by being homeless. Individuals who abruptly and unexpectedly lost their sources …

Smoking Among the Homeless

Smoking Among the Homeless: There Is Still Hope

Reasons Why Homeless People Smoke
The majority of homeless individuals were reported to use tobacco or vaping products before totally losing their houses. According to eMixologies, Those who were already addicted to smoking even before they became homeless had higher chances of being a chain smoker.
As cited by Dr. Travis Baggett of the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, around 2 to 3.5 million people who continue to smoke are from the homeless community.
These homeless people usually have higher stress levels because they face …